Troubleshooting 101 – Lync Online

Step 1:
Make sure the version of microsoft single sign on assistance – Version: 7.250.4287.0
- Make sure the service is started. If the service is not started and when manually attempting it fails. Uninstall Single sign on and reboot. Upon reboot try to sign in. Lync will tell you that you need to download a software, download and install single sign on.
- Try to login again.

Step 2:
Lync Online – 4.0.7577.4051, 4.0.7577.4061 is out so you can try to download the latest.

Step 3:
C:\Users\rikia.kosaka\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Communicator “delete account you’re having issues with”
C:\Users\rikia.kosaka\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Communicator “delete AccountProfiles.dat after exiting Lync”

Step 4: Flushdns
Step 5: go to certmgr.msc
personal folder
See your user account, Just delete it and have it self create

Step 6: If Acrylic is being used. Purge acrylic data, then flush dns.

Check Time on PC, No more than 5 Minutes off

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