Network Assessments

SoCal Network Consulting (Outsourced IT) will provide a free network assessment.


• Are you without IT Support and wondering if your security is at risk of being breached?
• Is your data vulnerable to external hackers?
• Are your system optimized to avoid system crashes and data loss?
• Are your systems protected from viruses and their consequences?
• Are your systems optimized for power outages and surges?
• Do you have a backup plan and a sufficient documented disaster recovery plan?
• Are user accounts properly managed with permissions for access to confidential information?
• Do your systems meet legal requirements such as PCI Compliance?

System Efficiency, redundancy, resiliency

• If a server were to crash, are you setup with the proper redundancy to avoid downtime?
• Are your servers properly monitored? Do you get alerts when something is down? Say a hard drive or disk space?
• Is your system configured for current capacity and room for future growth?
• Do you have a maintenance program in place?

Productivity and Saving Cost

• Is your production environment virtualized to save money on rack space and power?
• Is your network slow?
• Is your computer full of viruses causing slowness and annoyance?
• How well is shared data accessible to all your employees? Is there need for improvement?

Having proper maintenance done to your environment greatly increases productivity and effectiveness. We can help you by assessing your environment to find inefficiencies and provide and execute recommended and best practices to ensure your company’s technology is fast and working efficiently.

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